In 1960s Transylvania where the novel begins, five-year-old Ildikobecomes victim topsychological abuse at the hands of her babysitter, Yutzi, whom she worships and follows everywhere. Though Ildiko s family immigrates to Israel soon after, Ildiko s life continues to be shaped by the secret deep within her; not until many years later is Ildiko able to reveal her story. In flashback fashion, she recounts her horror to her worried husband, who at the novel s start is nearly hysterical with worry about a recent mysterious and possibly violent incident. Only as Ildiko s story unfoldsand with it the parallel stories of her family and her husbanddo readers come to understand what has taken place and how Ildiko s story has come full circle.This psychological thriller focuses on family relationships and the aftermath of childhood trauma, and although nota novel specifically of the Holocaust, the narrative is driven by characters whose lives were shaped by it, so much so that those events become a silent character in the book."
Publication Date: 
November 1, 2008

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