We Need New Names

We Need New Names

Bulawayo, Noviolet
A remarkable literary debut shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize: the unflinching and powerful story of a young girl's journey out of Zimbabwe and to America.

Darling is only ten years...

May 20, 2014
Back Bay Books
320 Pages
These Bones Will Rise Again

These Bones Will Rise Again

Chigumadzi, Panashe
What are the right questions to ask when seeking out the spirit of a nation? In November, 2017, the people of Zimbabwe took to the streets in an unprecedented alliance with the military. Their goal...
March 1, 2020
Indigo Press
144 Pages
This Mournable Body

This Mournable Body

Dangarembga, Tsitsi


A searing novel about the obstacles facing women in Zimbabwe, by one of the country's most notable authors

Anxious about her prospects...

August 7, 2018
Graywolf Press
When the Last Lion Roars: The Rise and Fall of the King of Beasts

The story of a continent losing its most charismatic predator at unprecedented speed.

The illegal killing of Cecil--a famous and magnificent black-maned Zimbabwean lion--by an American...

November 19, 2019
Bloomsbury Wildlife
304 Pages
Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness
"Fuller brings Africa to life, both its natural splendor and the harsher realities of day-to-day existence, and sheds light on her parents in all their humanness--not a glaring sort of light, but...
June 26, 2012
Penguin Books
256 Pages
An Elegy for Easterly: Stories

A woman in a township in Zimbabwe is surrounded by throngs of dusty children but longs for a baby of her own; an old man finds that his new job making coffins at No Matter Funeral Parlor brings...

June 8, 2010
Farrar, Straus and Giroux
The Book of Memory

The Book of Memory

Gappah, Petina

In The Book of Memory, an albino woman named Memory is languishing in a maximum security prison in Harare, Zimbabwe, where she has been tried and convicted of murder. As part of her appeal...

February 7, 2017
Picador USA
288 Pages
The Fear: Robert Mugabe and the Martyrdom of Zimbabwe
Journalist Peter Godwin has covered wars. As a soldier, he's fought them. But nothing prepared him for the surreal mix of desperation and hope he encountered when he returned to Zimbabwe, his broken...
October 12, 2011
Back Bay Books
371 Pages
When a Crocodile Eats the Sun: A Memoir of Africa
After his father's heart attack in 1984, Peter Godwin began a series of pilgrimages back to Zimbabwe, the land of his birth, from Manhattan, where he now lives. On these frequent visits to check on...
April 1, 2008
Back Bay Books
341 Pages
The Hairdresser of Harare

Selected for the Junior Library's pilot program for adult/teen crossover books

In this delicious and devastating first novel, which The Guardian named one of its ten best...

September 5, 2015
Ohio University Press

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